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We now accept purchase orders online from accredited schools. Simply proceed with an order and select “purchase order” as your method of payment. When validated, we will automatically ship and bill you system for the order.

Buy Your Throtons Now!!  Buy Your Throtons Now!!  Buy Your Throtons Now!!  Buy Your Throtons Now!!


Throton – The Original Space-age Football!

Proudly made 100% in the USA

1st Annual Ultimate Throton Tournament

Ultimate Throton - Physical Education engagement

Shipping Throtons to South Carolina — 2015-08-25

2015 Fiery Blood red Throton - 100% Made in the USA

Click the image to see a really large version, up close.

Thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm.

– Carl M. DiManno, Founder AeroAction, Throton – Manufacturing and Sales
– Chris Moos, Friend of Founder – Business Manager AeroAction

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